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5 Ways To Make Your Kitchen Look Bigger

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Other than building an extension, it can at times seem impossible to make a kitchen of small dimensions appear more spacious. You may think you only have enough space to fit in cabinets and appliances and make it functional. However, fortunately, there are a few tricks and tips you can use to increase the sense of openness in … Continue reading

6 Ways to Brighten A Dark Kitchen

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

It’s the hub of the home, the life of the party, and the room you always start your day in. So, ideally, you’ll want your kitchen to be filled with as much natural light and beautiful sunshine as possible. But what can you do if your kitchen is more of a gloomy cave illuminated by artificial lights? … Continue reading

4 Ways You Can Use Marble In The Kitchen

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

With Marble lasting for centuries, long outliving us and even our properties it is fast becoming an extremely popular choice for home owners. Marble is the softer sister to Granite and is much easier to cut for a pleasing aesthetic and is much more readily available. Here are 4 ways in which you could use … Continue reading

From Underground Mineral To Kitchen Worktop: Granite and Quartz Worktops Explained

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

For centuries we’ve mined mineral deposits from the Earth’s crust, harnessing their unique qualities as materials for use in construction. But it wasn’t until more recently that we noticed how two minerals in particular, granite and quartz, lend themselves perfectly to the home. Today, their combination of practicality, robustness, affordability, and appearance, have made them the two most … Continue reading

The 4 Main Differences Between Granite And Quartz Worktops

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Choosing the material for your kitchen worktop is a crucial part of any kitchen renovation. You spend hours asking friends and family, browsing websites like Pinterest and Houzz, and scouring all the major make-over magazines for any hint of inspiration. Throughout your research you come across two materials time and time again: granite and quartz. These … Continue reading

5 Steps To Fitting Your Perfect Kitchen Worktop

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Renovating or remodelling your kitchen always starts off great. Lusting over your ideal design, dreaming up outlandish ideas, drooling over home makeover magazines; if only the rest of the process were just as agreeable.   When making any change to your home, there’s certain stresses and complications that never fail to arise, for example, trouble … Continue reading

5 Of The Latest Trends In Granite Worktops

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Even in the midst of a recession, granite is ever popular among homeowners, designers, and builders alike. Everyone’s looking add there own personal style to their pride & joy. And in the kitchen, it’s undoubtedly the number one material of choice – something that’s clearly not going to change anytime soon. Granite (among other natural stones) … Continue reading

Why You Need Granite Worktops In Your Kitchen

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Reasons To Choose Granite With so many kitchen worktop options available, we can see why it may get overwhelming but here’s why we think you need granite! Value They don’t depreciate in value, in-fact they increase the value of your home! Unique Worktops Each slab is one of a kind, you can personally pick your … Continue reading

See Inside Our Favourite Celebrity Kitchens

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Kitchen Inspiration Everyone loves a little inspiration when it comes to home design, flicking through magazines, rambling through Pinterest and gawking at Houzz for hours on ends. So we thought we would provide you with a little inspo & search for the best celebrity kitchen and oh boy were we pleased we did! If you’re looking … Continue reading

3 New Quartz Colours On Offer For August

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

August Quartz Special As a special promotion this month we are giving you a chance to purchase our 3 new quartz colours, Smoke Grey, Anthracite and Midnight Blue at a 10% discount! SMOKE GREY QUARTZ A stunning neutral tone, perfect with white cabinets. Accessorize with black appliances for a classic sleek look. ANTHRACITE QUARTZ This … Continue reading