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White Worktops Are Winning Right Now

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Around 3 years ago, we had a shortage of the famous Star Galaxy in the UK, it was a huge scare (well in our industry at least). Black granite was king and it didn’t look like it would be topped, for very good reasons, it’s beautiful for a start. Winning White However, in recent months … Continue reading

Choosing Your Colour Scheme Before Your Kitchen Renovation

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Kitchen Renovation Tips It’s finally time for a kitchen renovation or maybe you’ve just moved house…but where to start?  Do you choose the flooring or lighting first? Do you choose the cabinets before or after the kitchen countertops? Paint, fabrics, appliances?! It can all get a little overwhelming. The solution to this may seem a … Continue reading

6 Ways To Make A Small Kitchen Appear Bigger

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Dream Big About That Kitchen We can’t all be blessed with huge kitchen space, so how does one make a smaller kitchen appear bigger? Worktops Opt for light coloured worktops! Not only will this help the room look bigger but also bring in a sense of space. Opt for granite colours such as Ivory Spice or … Continue reading

Kitchen design trends: get the natural rustic look

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Technology is becoming increasingly integral to almost every aspect of our everyday lives, and with this shift towards the digital we can find ourselves losing touch with the natural world both in the workplace and at home, making it difficult to switch off and relax. If you think about the times you’ve been most relaxed … Continue reading

Design Trends for 2016: Get the country kitchen look

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

In this ever-growing urban world we find ourselves in, the strive to get away from it all and even to get back to our roots can be a strong one. But with our busy schedules it can be hard to think about leaving the house once we get home, so for those of us wanting … Continue reading

Choosing a Kitchen Worktop: Granite vs Wood

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

  Your kitchen worktop provides a big aesthetic quality to your room, and can really bring a look together. On top of that, the surface must be strong and robust, meaning it can withstand knocks and cuts that are bound to happen when cooking daily. Another consideration to be made when selecting your worktop material … Continue reading

Top 6 Things That Will Make Your Life Easier in the Kitchen

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Our kitchens are subjected to constant grime and dirt as we cook, make beverages and, in some kitchens, socialise in them on a daily basis. Whether it’s oil over the hob from cooking the morning fry up, vegetable peels on the floor or overflowing cupboards, most of us could benefit from taking steps to make … Continue reading

Beyond Kitchen Worktops: Other Ways to Use Granite and Quartz in the Home

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

If you’re only using granite and quartz for your kitchen worktops, you’re missing out on opportunities to increase the property value of your home. The durability, strength and beauty of natural stone makes it a great addition to all rooms in your home, so we’ve put together this guide on how to incorporate more stunning … Continue reading

Kitchen Improvements That Won’t Break the Bank

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

Remodelling a kitchen is a pricey affair, with the average cost of a basic minor remodelling coming in at just under £10,000 and the cost of a luxurious complete kitchen renovation reaching as high as £30,000. Finding such a substantial amount of money can be tricky, especially with Christmas just behind us, so the team … Continue reading

How to Make Your Kitchen a Fun Place for Children

Posted on by Affordable Granite and Marble

As adults and caregivers, the kitchen is often the hub of our activities; it’s where we spend a large portion of our home lives preparing meals, washing up, packing lunches, or even just settling down for a cup of tea. Children, however, have a very different relationship with the kitchen, only venturing in there in … Continue reading